Hope is easily dismissed when one is in the depths of despair and pain. It takes a commitment to bring hope back into our life after experiencing a dark place. It requires new thoughts, feelings and actions to maintain hope, keeping it readily available, as it is a lifeline to inner peace.

Compassion is the key.

Compassion falls into the category of self-love. Compassion for the inner child who experienced trauma (of any kind); compassion for the buried feelings; compassion for awareness to the pain of the inner child and compassion for the adult as she learns and accepts her life story.

The inner critic comfortably shuts down any and all self-compassion, often so quickly that compassion is never experienced in any stage of life. It is a double win for the inner critic. Compassion is a learned behavior and the longer it is removed from the self-love classroom, the more alienated it becomes and for some, never finds its true power.

I will share that of all the healing I have done, all the lessons I have taught myself, discovering compassion for me and my life experiences was the most challenging. Of course, I have said that every time I have learned a lesson. However, I have been mastering this assignment for a long time and like forgiveness, it has become a daily task of awareness.