It is easy to get caught up in thinking that our disappointments and lost directions are a waste of  time. When we fall into this cycle, we tend to forget the positive power of these setbacks.

Thomas Edison let the world know how many failed experiments he had before coming up with the light bulb design. The nine thousand attempts became part of his story as he created something that would change our world. Mr Edison went so far as to broadcast his mistakes, admitting how he knew 9000 ways how NOT to make a light bulb.

Through my healing years, I didn’t consider the power of my many failures , or the foundation being built with each step. We tend to focus on getting past the obstacles life throws at us. Few people stop to think, ‘I wonder how this step, this direction, will support me in a year?’

As I have integrated my memories, I can see how they make up who I have become. I am proud of the life I have built. I continually remind myself how each action, every decision, is a lesson that supports me as I become a woman I want to be, someone who other women in my life can respect and learn from.

There are life lessons that we all must master for ourselves. As we learn how to bring grace and self-forgiveness to our spirit, we must honor the path that is necessary for our personal growth. How quickly we can dismiss our decisions as we evaluate the choices from a wiser and older mindset. It doesn’t matter if we are 20 looking back at our 10-year-old self, or 50 assessing the 20-year olds’ choices, hindsight is always easier when we are using a mature and experienced vantage point.

The gift of self-compassion is often ignored. Many of us are not taught how to be compassionate to ourselves. We forget or don’t know how to embrace the kindness in our lives. When we are gentle with ourselves and take a compassionate and loving stand for the actions of our younger self, we find value in the skills mastered. Embracing mistakes helps build a cherished life.

Implementing the rewards our experiences have taught us brings compassion and forgiveness into our lives. We become aware of a peace many of us only dream about. Living in that peace with the lessons we have learned, opens our hearts to receive the the gifts God and the universe are patiently waiting to send us.